the right VR game

wadality is the game about freedom. it's a VR multiplayer arena shooter and infinte source of fun! the game features the movement technique unique for VR that allows players freely move around game level in all directions. using hands swing locomotion drastically reduces motion sickness symptoms. following features included:


physically active experience. walk and fly anywhere you want just using your own hands


anything is better if you can share it with your friends


explore the variety of virtual environments, each with its own unique features

game modes


just chill and have a good times with your friends and meet new fellas

arena shooter

challenge best of the best arena players, try your skills in a vertical fight


one of you becomes a zombie and starts infecting others using rip claws

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road map:

✅ Early Access

basic systems, weapon, levels and multiplayer. everything available to play now.

✅ Seamless worlds

more splendid locations and seamless shift between them.


enemy hordes, traders and companions.

✅ Voting & Dedicated Servers

voting system to change game-modes or maps and stable scalable dedicated servers.

Social Role Play mode

work at variaty of jobs, farm, trade, live your life and make story.

we have a clear development vision for our project and plan to experiment extensively. while many features are already implemented and available in-game, we have many more planned for future implementation. full roadmap can be found here.